Class 9 – Writing Assignment (including LinkedIn Profile) DUE April 4 start of class

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile (10 points) and link it to your Portfolio Blog.
  • Read the articles below about LinkedIn, personal branding and the youtube video on how to set up your LinkedIn Account.
  • Comment on the readings on the class blog (3 points)
  • Comment on 2  blog postings or tweets (2 points) that share the topic of your  portfolio blog.  Tell us at the end of the class blog where you commented.
  • If you have any questions please email me at


How to create a LinkedIn Account and how to link it to your WordPress Blog

How to use LinkedIn powerfully.  10 tips:  March 2012  Social Media Today:

Personal Branding Article by Tom Peters in Fast Company:

Quotes from Dan Schawbel on Personal Branding:

good article on Dan Schawbel’s blog:

Hubspot ebook:

Example of a great LinkedIn Profile (Rachel G. King, Prez DC Social Media Club):

company linkedin


33 thoughts on “Class 9 – Writing Assignment (including LinkedIn Profile) DUE April 4 start of class

  1. I think that the article helped me understand what linkedin really is. I’ve heard of people who used it and I really thought it was just another Facebook. However linkedin is more professional you might not want to post pictures that you would on Facebook. I think of linkedin as a permanent portfolio/resume.

    • LinkedIn is like Facebook in a sense that you connect with people, but you do not post pictures or anything unprofessional. It is like an online resume database. Most employers now-a-days will look at people’s LinkedIn accounts and see who they are connected with.

  2. Shawbel’s article had some good tips for blogging. Some of it was just repeated information since we have seen so many similar “tips lists” by now, and much of it was for very beginners, even lower in experience than us, but I still liked some of his info. He mentioned having five posts before starting, which is great because of the exact reason that he mentioned: no one wants to look at a blog that as no information on it. If it looks sparse and underpopulated, then the blog will not be taken seriously or seen as credible. He also mentioned a few ways to increase credibility and to spread the word through things like RSS feeds and Technorati.

    The Linkedin tips article did not seem very useful to me though. All of it seemed like common sense. Join groups? Post statuses? Write a concise summary? All of it sounds so obvious. I half expected the next tip to say “use proper grammar.”Do not misunderstand me, the tips are legitimate, but they feel like common sense.

    • Just rereading your comments. Write a concise summary may be overly obvious to you — but you have no summary in your LinkedIn profile and no photo…another obvious tip we read about.

  3. I think the readings help me to have a better understanding of what we can do with LinkedIn. I have created my LinkedIn account for a while and just thought it is the Facebook for the business world. However, the articles shows that LinkedIn can be a really useful tool to help us to connect with other professionals and seek for opportunities in the business world. Joining groups on LinkedIn is a good way to connect ourselves with others who are in the same field or interested in the same thing like we do. Through connecting with other professionals, we may not only gain some advice from the others but also opportunities. Also, in order to make others interested in us and willing to offer an opportunity to us, the way we look on the site is very importantly. We should be branding ourselves using the profile page; telling others who we are, what we can do, what so special about us, and definitely what we are looking for. I especially like the part on creating our headlines on LinkedIn. In stead of saying out things straight, we should play with wording a little bit and make it looks for interesting and attractive to others, like saying you are seeking for a new opportunity instead of unemployed if you are seeking for a job over LinkedIn. I think now I will start to make a better use of my LinkedIn account, especially spending more time on creating an attractive profile of myself on it.

  4. I found the article “How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully: 10 Tips to Know” very helpful for new users of LinkedIn. I did not have a LinkedIn account prior to nor did I know much about it, except for it is used for professional networking. But reading this article as well as links on the LinkedIn site expanded my knowledge on some of the features and expansion beyond just professionally networking. Individuals seeking a career and/or those who are currently employed can use LinkedIn to explore opportunities. New employers and/or employees can be found, professional profiles can be established, one can find experts and ideas, and individuals can keep in touch with colleagues. I thought all of the tips were important to know for a user. Some tips that stood out to me were the importance of a headline and writing a rich and concise summary. These two steps seem like they are the most important for LinkedIn, they portray how you look and sound to the public and they could also help develop a profile and search for perspective employers of interest. There are similar tips for LinkedIn that apply to some other social media sites, such as “networking”, updating status, the importance of a photo and goal.

  5. After reading the articles provided about Linkedin, I learned a lot about how to create and maintain a successful profile. First off, you must think about what your goal is, whether it be to find a job, an employee, or to just network, you must keep that goal in mind when designing your profile. I learned a few helpful tips that I will use when I start my linkden page. One good one is to remember what your goal is, whether it be looking for a job, an employee, or to just network, you must design your page in a way that pertains to your goal. A head show helps so that people know what you look like, and it helps you and others to feel more connected. Make the most of your headline so that people know what your purpose is, and remember not to say, “unemployed.” Also, make a rich summary about yourself, not your company so that while your networking, people can learn more about who you are and makes it easier to find someone they want to potentially hire. Finally, the most important technique I learned was to keep visible by posting statuses regularly. While keeping visible, you become familiar to others and it helps you become recognized. This is also important to keep in mind while writing blog and twitter entries. If you want people to get to know you and follow you, it is important to keep visible so that your goals can become accomplished.

    • I posted on Bethesda Foodies facebook page about an interesting place Id like to try, and I also posted on DC Food Bloggers on facebook. It is a food blogging community where people can post their blogs for others to see, and they meet at happy hours to talk in person (something I am going to try).

  6. Initially i didn’t know what Linkedln was about. After setting up an account and going through the motions of it. It is quite unique and impressive. It has a professional edge to it..which in the long run as a student looking for future job placement can help. I read the article on -10 tips on how to use Linkedln powerfully. The first five reason where general..such as uploading a pic or specific goals. Other reasons where about ways to connect with others in groups and the reasons behind those. Linkedln is very direct and quite simplistic. I believe i would enjoy it in the long run.


      • That idea stuck in my head also. It really is important to remember what your getting yourself into and what your goal is so that you know what your doing with the network and how you want to design it. Once you have an idea, then it makes it a lot easier to design your network according to that goal/idea. These ideas should be expressed through the design to gain interest.

  7. Made two comments on twitter’s fashionists

    After reading the article on Schawbel’s blog, i felt like these information were a deja vu. Indeed, the article summarize what the entire class focused on the first weeks of this semester on how to create blog. Theys say : in order to start a successful blog, you need to know what you’re getting yourself into and what has already been talked about in the blogosphere. Well, we have all heard of it. However ,this time ,in the process they add linkedin. Linking our linkedin account using badge to our blog is like a sort of resume. When readers visit our blog, they wanna know who they are really talking to. By clicking on our linkedin, they will have better ideas and will think of the accuracy of our posts. This is why we need to be careful when creating our profile. Just like our blog page, it should attract people, the interests part should be as clear as possible. It s good for readers after reading posts from our blog to see through our linkedin how serious the person is. It sometimes helps them take into consideration what we say in our words, and know the kind of person they are talking to.

  8. I am actually impressed with Linkedin not for the style, but more for the actual objective of the site. It helps that Linkedin is powerful not just as a place for your resume, but also to reach out to other media and link with people to help you in your desired field. The articles helped me think more in detail how I would like to represent myself and how it can benefit if I do it correctly. The Linkedin open my eyes to how many people are actually using this social networking tool to help brand themselves. Lastly, my objective in the long run is to be in sports broadcasting or television in general. So being able to reach out to people by marketing other stars and get my name out there it should help me a lot especially connecting with more people on Linkedin.

  9. I really enjoyed the article by Tom Peters about personal branding. In this day in age its all about how you can sell yourself and promote yourself. I look at the bloggers sites that I follow and their twitter accounts and I noticed the huge trend is not just promoting what they are blogging about but mainly all about them and how their blog is unique. That’s what I believe is what I need to set out more in my blog. I like the layout the layout of LinkedIn and how its easy to create a page. I created my profile at first just for fun since my friend had sent me an invite. But now that I see all the options and variety of having people, groups and companies on my profile I will definitely use those tools to my advantage. I did join several beauty and cosmetic groups already and am excited to look for more.

  10. I was not really surprised on how LinkedIn works because it is similar to most social networks such as Facebook. However it has more professional than Facebook and others social network. As the one of the article sates it is a powerful tool that can be used to network with the right people and get a job offer.
    However as the articles points out it is not easy as it seems .For most people it simply remains a tool. To gain all the professional and networking benefits from LinkedIn might take a while. I believe that the to increase your professional advantages is to increase your professional network by finding the people that you know including your friends, previous and current colleagues or employers, business partners and people who are in your professional field. The larger your network the more opportunities will be available through

    • As For my comments on another blog,i commented on the Facebook page of ADIDAP ( all I dream about photography) blog by Antoine Kather because he is one of the top 100 bloggers in photography and i want to learn from him .

      • I also commented on Droll With A frown which is an artistic blog that i have been following for a while .

    • Yes. & if you haven’t have much work yet in your desired field, it is important to use LinkedIn to meet new people and to hear about the conversations that people in your field are talking about and then to enter the conversation and engage.

    • Your right, its not as easy as it seems but I feel like it helps you organize your self and create an image so that eventually once you get how it works it can become beneficial. After a while, you can find that you have friends in the same field as you, so then they can post about a job opening, and all your information is right there, all you have to do is reach out. I feel like it might not be easy at first, but once you have your goals in mind, and you use it to your advantage they way its intended, then it can help you in some way.

    • LinkedIn is a clean site with a design that works, but it definitely has more of a learning curve than things like Facebook; It takes a bit of getting used to, in order to use it effectively.

  11. At first when I was reading the article the idea of this being a facebook but for jobs was reoccuring through my head. How useful is this really? Then as I was reading the article “How to use LinkedIn Powerfully” I started to realise how many gaming companies used this site and how little I knew about my industry as far as companies that existed. I feel LinkedIn would be a good way to find other people seeking to find jobs in the gaming industry for me and down the road they might even remember me and offer me a position. LinkedIn is a place where you can start making connections if you don’t have any to start off with.

    • as for my comments on another blog, I comment on Arenanet’s Guild Wars 2 facebook page almost every other day. Keeps me updated on their game progression =).

      • thanks for your feedback, dan. that’s fantastic that you have this strong ongoing correspondence. you need to branch out and find a couple other folks also. it really will serve you.

    • yes!! Have you gone to groups and gaming? Its* loaded* with people in that community – developers, companies,etc – who you could listen to, also to learn what they are talking about at this moment – and correspond directly with!

      That’s what we will explore and research today in class as a workshop.

  12. Reading the tips on “How to Use LinkedIn Powerfully” is tremendously useful for me since I haven’t used my own account to its full potential. These tips address so many effective ways in order to promote oneself and make use of a great networking site. It’s even great that LinkedIn has their own “learning center” to which you can find features of the site, and even user guides for students, journals, small businesses, etc. Not only is there a learning center on the site, but also a help center that answers a great number of questions one might come across when starting out on LinkedIn. The effort that LinkedIn puts forward in showing that it is an effective and beneficial social media site really is seen through the amount of help they offer. The last post also gives pointers on how to use LinkedIn as an employee, professionally and appropriately, which is great advice for those wanting to build up a good reputation.
    Personal branding, according to Tom Peters, is to be emphasized by you, yourself. He states each person is given the chance to stand out and is able to differentiate themselves from others. For example, Peters highlights the “feature-benefit” model in which you are able to identify the qualities or characteristics that make you distinctive from your competitors and how that will benefit others. Peters even offers a number of ways to market “you” as a brand, including teaching, writing a column piece, and even moonlighting. I really enjoyed Dan Schawbel’s take on personal branding as he creatively put his thoughts into quotes. These quotes are made to motivate others towards success, some of which I found to be very creative and inspiring.

    Tweeted @MindyWeiss (event planner) and @WeddingWire.

    • good comments! Anet, I just went to groups for LinkedIn and wrote Weddings and had many groups come up. Then I wrote Weddings DC and about 6 groups came up including DC Wedding Planners! What a resource! Let’s look at that in class and examine how this could help your blog. What ideas could your take from this to distinguish your blog/ Vlog? etc.

  13. From the first reading I learned that I need a good headshot. I feel as though most of the tips in this article will be more useful to me once I actually graduate and possibly look towards linkedin for opportunities.
    The personal branding articles made me realize that personal branding is something I see frequently, particularly on Youtube. Each person who I follow has some sort of theme that goes with their personality. This theme is further extended by their logos, cut scenes, and graphics. These things come together to make a brand that describes them and allows you to think of them with the simple introduction of a symbol.
    The last reading on companies and linkedin was enlightening because I had no idea that linkedin was anything more than a professional resume profile and didn’t know you could be social with it. I also think I would like to add a cover letter once I am further in my education.

    Advertised in the comments on jaesarahman’s forum post about sharing blogs and left comments on Skitracks.

    • we’re both working late! The thing about LinkedIn is that it will serve you better and be more powerful if you establish a presence early and begin now joining groups, asking questions, writing people thru LinkedIn about their work about whatever you like and admire and begin to know people and become part of a community – network! That’s how people by and large get jobs in this economy, not just by posting a resume.

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